Shan Latris is a womenswear brand for the diva, or as Beyonce’ famously coined, the “female version of a hustler”. With her demeanor and style, she steps onto the scene and owns it. She has a classy edge, the attitude of a boss, and an aura that extrudes a confidence that is contagious.While the Shan Latris diva is a woman who is multi-faceted in her style from sexy to bold to flirty, she's serious about her business and achieving her goals. However, you won’t catch her on the scene in a boring suit. She’s a modern day mover and shaker that’s just as serious about her fashion as she is her business. We honor her for knowing exactly what she wants; For not letting anyone stop her from being the empowered, go-getter that she is. She’s the woman that inspires other women to step their game up as her qualities are highly sought after. She is admired. She is in control. "She owns the scene. She is... The Demand."    

 What is the "Demand" you ask?  See here.



The VISION | mission


      Our vision is to empower women through fashion. To create designs that exude the one-of-a-kind power that women embody. To create distinctive designs that fuel women with a strong sense of empowerment, confidence, and style.